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Dreams Films is film production company based in Taipei City with a partner from Edinburgh.

The company was founded by Martin Chen in September 2015 with a partner from Edinburgh, Wilma Garcia. In 2014 Chen attended the Motion Picture Association of America activities in Jakarta and met Garcia in the event. They talked a lot about film market and how someone should begin the independent production with the new wave of movement. 

Garcia found that Chen has the unique ability in this making film market, “He knows what he wants, he has a very obvious way to tell a story, especially in the documentary film”. Garcia decided to invest in Chen making an independent film production company based in Taiwan.

The company’s core values is entirely her personality . For Chen, A film should have three elements exist inside.

1. Cultural
Every country, place and person have its own culture, in which different cultures have different ideas exist in everything to see.  we put the culture in the film we produce and share it with others how we view it.

2. Memories
Each time in the past or present, there will be the presence of a memory, the memory of each moment should be recorded in a film. And then we can share with each different generation, so that memory will be preserved.

3. Influence
Films should bring a good influence to the society rather than bring an illusion to make society more untrue.

Dreams Films will not move the way we currently think how the film production company must be. The principal of Chen is, a company must not flow like other movie companies. In this particular situation, the arts of film shouldn't be limited by resources. “I know how to tell the story, I have a certain standard of beauty to do design ,   I’m no stranger with website codec and I have a very powerful team, so this is why we all have DREAMS FILMS!”

Chen brings in his unique self style that something genuine to this company. “I will focus on film production, but design and website are a part of my tools to package my products and bring it to people to watch the stories that I want to tell.”

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